Mommy & Me Lesson

Our Mission
Our mission under this program is to increase the number of mothers who can speak English with confidence! It is often said that kids are clever to learn language. This is because kids are good at copying. By hearing mother singing English songs or speaking in English, kids start to say English words. Please use English songs and expressions at home too!
Because [Kumiko] is also a mother, the advice she gives is practical and having the same mother’s point of view is helpful. […] We learn one phrase each time, so even for a beginner like myself, I can feel motivated to try to use it right away.Moeko

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Mommy & Me Lessons


You can learn natural useful English from a bilingual mother, which is totally different from textbook English.

Hello, this is Kumiko. I teach the Mommy & Me lessons. These lessons are for mothers who are raising their kids, like me! Let’s make our precious time with our kids more worthwhile by using English.
Finger Play
It’s often said that finger play helps kids to improve their brain, motor skills and emotions. Finger play is also common in foreign countries. We’ll learn a new song each month and practice again and again.
Story Time
There are many psychological reports about kids and reading. Reading helps kids to develop imagination, language skills, and also increases social skills. You can learn tips on how to get your kid’s attention and improve your reading skills through these lessons.
Songs and Dances
We sing songs and dance with TPR (Total Physical Response) techniques. We’ll input useful words such as numbers, colours, shapes and feelings by using songs and dances. Mothers, please enjoy and sing well yourself first to practice English at home continuously.
It is said that around 80% of English speakers are non-native speakers. Many people in the world speak English with different accents. We are hoping that Japanese people also speak more without hesitation. We’ll focus on fixing katakana English pronunciation and teaching pronunciation like native English speakers.
Daily Phrases
Let’s start using simple English phrases and commands at home. Each lesson we will learn a new phrase to use. Kids can pick up words so quickly because they’re still learning. To support their ability, they need their mother’s help. Kids will understand and use English because their favourite mother can do it!
We’ll introduce games that require few materials, YouTube videos, and teach how to use Japanese children’s books as English material, all of which are easy to prepare and use at home. “Because it’s simple, you can continue to do it yourself.” “Because you can continue to do it yourself, you can get it.” Please come and visit us and experience our lessons.



Schedule & Pricing


These lessons are designed for busy mothers. We provide our lessons right at your home. If you apply with more friends, you can have lessons at a more reasonable price each!

Days: Monday – Friday
Time: Mornings
Length: 50 minutes
Price: ¥5,000 / lesson
Trial: ¥1,500


Lesson length is 50 minutes per lesson. We can manage a schedule for you any day from Monday to Friday in the morning.


¥5,000 is a flat price for any group size. Depending on you how many mother-child pairs you have in a lesson, you can each split the cost. The more pairs, the cheaper for everyone!

Trial lessons are ¥1,500 for 50 minutes. If you prefer, you can also come out to one of our Muna Baby/Toddler English Circle lessons before booking.


Lessons can be held in your home anywhere in Fukuroi, Mori, Kakegawa, and Iwata.

Except for trial lessons, transportation fees apply based on distance. Transportation fee is ¥30/km (free if within 2km from Kamiyamanashi, Fukuroi).

Contact Us

Contact us via email or our contact form to book a trial lesson or to check for availability.


Singing a Song
Singing a Song
Story Time
Story Time
Play Time
Play Time