Full Name Nien-Nam Chuong
Hometown Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Languages English, Japanese, Vietnamese,
Chinese (Cantonese), French
Education University of Toronto – Bachelor’s Degree
Cambridge English – CELTA Certificate
Hobbies Computers, Board Games, Magic
Favourite Sports Snowboarding, Volleyball, Darts
Favourite Foods Sushi, Pizza, Vietnamese Pho
Favourite Drinks Caramel Machiatto, Coffee (Double Double)
Blood Type A+


Nam’s Timeline

Where Nam Has Lived
Where Nam Has Lived





I am Canadian.

This is often a confusing topic for many Japanese people because I look Asian, especially when I’m asked where I’m from.

Frequently Asked Questions
Where are you from? Canada
What’s your nationality? Canadian
What’s your ethnic background? Chinese-Vietnamese

“What’s your ethnic background?” is the key question to ask. Canadians know to ask this, but most Japanese people don’t.

Canada is a multicultural country built from immigration. All Canadians have different ethnic backgrounds (European, African, Asian, etc.) For Japanese people who have never been there before, this could be quite a confusing concept. However it’s a very important concept to understand, so please remember it.



Life in Japan, Part 1


Climbing Mt. Fuji (2005)
Climbing Mt. Fuji (2005)

In 2005, I went to Japan as an ALT on the JET Programme. I stayed for 7 years until 2012, where during that time I lived in Ibaraki, Aichi, and Tokyo.

While living in Japan, I travelled all over the country from as far north as Hokkaido to as far southwest as Hiroshima. I learned so much and developed a deep appreciation for the culture including the language, food, people, mannerisms, and way of life. As much as I enjoyed the big city lifestyle of Tokyo, I also really appreciated the slower paced countryside lifestyle.

During my stay in Japan I also travelled to 10 other countries around Asia.

I visited the following countries: South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines, and Guam.



Ibaraki (2005-2007)


Plum Blossoms at Kairakuen (2006)
Plum Blossoms at Kairakuen (2006)

I lived in Tsuchiura, Ibaraki for 2 years from August 2005 to July 2007.

While living there, I taught English at all 5 public senior high schools in the city.

I also taught private English lessons in various locations around the city.

Senior High School
Tsuchiura Daiichi Senior High School (Day and Night Schools)
Tsuchiura Daini Senior High School
Tsuchiura Daisan Senior High School
Tsuchiura Kohoku Senior High School
Tsuchiura Technical Senior High School



Aichi (2007-2011)


Planting Rice with Students (2010)
Planting Rice with Students (2010)

I lived in Ichinomiya, Aichi for 3.5 years from August 2007 to March 2011.

While living there, I taught English at 2 English conversation schools, 3 senior high schools, 2 junior high schools, and 6 elementary schools.

I also taught private English lessons in various locations around the city.

English Conversation School Senior High School Junior High School Elementary School
Sakai English School Ichinomiya Commercial Senior High School Nishinari Junior High School Haguri Kita Elementary School
King’s English Planet Ichinomiya Technical Senior High School Tanyo Junior High School Imaise Nishi Elementary School
Kisogawa Senior High School Kisogawa Higashi Elementary School
Kuroda Elementary School
Miya Nishi Elementary School
Tanyo Nishi Elementary School



Tokyo (2011-2012)


Summer Festival in Tokyo (2011)
Summer Festival in Tokyo (2011)

I lived in Koto-ku, Tokyo for 1.5 years from March 2011 to August 2012.

While living there, I taught English at 8 companies, 5 public organizations, 8 junior high schools, and 13 elementary schools.

I also taught private English lessons in various locations around the city.

Company Organization Junior High School Elementary School
Isuzu Motors Ltd. National Center for Global Health and Medicine (NCGM) Takashima Daini Junior High School Shimura Elementary School
Kaneka Medix Corporation House of Councillors Komagome Junior High School Shimura Daisan Elementary School
Sanken Electric National Tax College Senkawa Junior High School Shingashi Elementary School
TIS Inc. Tokyo Metropolitan Government Meiho Junior High School Tokumaru Elementary School
TOA Corp. New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) Jujofujimi Junior High School Sakura Elementary School
Toshiba Insurance Service Corp. Kamiya Junior High School Gyoko Elementary School
Nippon Kayaku Takinogawakoyo Junior High School Ikebukuro Daisan Elementary School
Foster Electric Horifune Junior High School Asahi Elementary School
Kaname Elementary School
Tamazutsumi Elementary School
Yamazaki Elementary School
Futakotamagawa Elementary School
Hachimanyama Elementary School



Life Back in Canada


Toronto, Canada
Toronto, Canada

I returned to Toronto in August 2012. When I went back, I worked as a server in a Japanese izakaya and taught English to Japanese students in an English school. I also taught English and helped many Japanese newcomers adapt to their new lives in Canada at a Japanese agency.

I spent a lot of time in the Japanese community where I volunteered in a number community organizations such as The Japan Exchange and Teaching Alumni Association (JETAA), the Japanese Visitors Association (JAVA), and the Japan Canada Student Association (JCSA).

However during my 3.5 years back home, I always missed Japan.



Life in Japan, Part 2


Japan Part 2 (2015)
Japan Part 2 (2015)

I returned to Japan in December 2015 to chase my dreams.

I found that while I was back in Toronto, I really enjoyed teaching Japanese students and sharing Canadian culture with them. So I decided to come back to Japan.

This is my second time living in Japan. Starting up my own English School had been a dream for a long time.

Building Muna English is fulfilling that dream.



Aichi (2015-2017)


Nagoya Castle (2016)
Nagoya Castle (2016)

When I came back to Japan, I returned to Nagoya, Aichi for just over 1 year from December 2015 to March 2017.

While living there, I taught at an international preschool where I had my own 2nd year kindergarten class. We used English all day, 5 days a week, for all classes.

I also taught private English lessons in various locations around the city.

Kinder Kids International Preschool



Shizuoka (2017〜)


Haruoka Festival (2017)
Haruoka Festival (2017)

I moved to Fukuroi, Shizuoka in March 2017.

I’ve been working hard with Kumiko in building up Muna English through our Muna Kids English Circle and holiday events. We have grown so much since we first launched in October 2017.

The opening of Muna English School in May 2019 will finally fulfill my dream of building an English School.



English Teacher


Private Lesson
Private Lesson

With my 13+ years of teaching experience in Japan and Canada, I thoroughly understand the Japanese English education system and the challenges students have with using English in a foreign country. I understand what students have already learned and I also understand the difficulties of learning a new language and living in a new culture.

In addition, with the skills I gained from the Cambridge CELTA program, I can use teaching techniques most other English teachers do not have.

I can teach effective one-on-one and small group lessons, where I focus on each student. I can help you with your Business English to prepare for your job. I can prepare you for your next trip, help you apply for a visa, and teach you what you need to know if you plan to live abroad. I can help not only with your vocabulary and grammar, but also with your pronunciation, intonation, fluency, and even slang. I can help you feel more confident speaking English!

Are you looking to improve your English? I can help you!