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Private English Lesson
I took Nam’s private lesson for 10 months. I took his lessons to do a working holiday in Canada. He taught me well beginning with basic grammar even though my English level wasn’t even junior high school level. He also told me detailed information for my working holiday such as public transportation which only local people know.

It helped me a lot since I was nervous to live alone overseas.

About the lesson curriculum, he put so much effort to teach pronunciation where most Japanese aren’t good at. This is one good point about learning from a native teacher.

It is also attractive that we practice pronunciation by using an easy game which I never got bored of.

I recommend him if you are planning to do a working holiday and take English lessons.
Haruna - Fukuroi

Mommy & Me Lesson
・The lesson tempo is smooth and we do lots of fun exciting activities, so my daughter and I are always fully immersed.
・Because she is also a mother, the advice she gives is practical and having the same mother’s point of view is helpful.
・She can quickly answer and teach me nuances which are hard to search by dictionary. I always feel that I learn something new.
・We learn one phrase each time, so even for a beginner like myself, I can feel motivated to try to use it right away.
・This is also a relaxing time that I can talk about our kids or exchange information with other mothers.Moeko - Kakegawa
Muna Kids English Circle
We always enjoy participating.

When I asked about the most fun activity, my son answered that the game to match the picture is the best one. However he seems to enjoy the lessons every time.Kaori - Fukuroi

Muna Kids English Circle
We continue to take the lessons since they always provide interesting lessons to not get bored and motivate us up.

I appreciate that we can take a native teacher’s lesson easily.

It is also a very enriching time because they provide follow-up for parents. Kumiko gave us advice on how to integrate English not only during lesson time but also at home.

My son usually isn’t positive to go to school but he enjoys to come to the circle. I hope you guys continue the circle.Kyoko - Fukuroi

Muna Kids English Circle
It is amazing that we can take a native teacher’s lessons twice a month. Nam is good at teaching and my child never gets bored and enjoys participating in lessons. “Super good job!” is his favourite line.

They teach not too much language and the English can be used in daily life. That part is also good. In addition I like small groups.

I want to continue the circle since I can have inexpensive lessons not every week but twice or three times in a month.Naoko - Fukuroi

Muna Kids English Circle
We always enjoy the time. The person who enjoys the lesson the most might be me (mother). I understand the necessity of English but I gave up because it needs motivation and money. But I am so glad that I can take native English lessons with my kids.

I notice my kids enjoy English not as something to study but as a communication tool through Nam’s English lessons. My daughter often asks, “How do you say ~ in English?” I feel nervous when she asks for words I don’t know. I feel I should carry a dictionary. By the way, we’ve gotten used to saying “Here you are” and “Thank you” in English at home.

I will continue to join the circle a lot to get used to English and I hope my daughter turns out liking English. I hope you guys continue the circle.Kiyoe - Fukuroi

Muna Kids English Circle
I believe the importance to acquiring English is related to daily life. So the lessons are very attractive for me to learn games which can be played at home both by kids and parents. I took some trial lessons at different schools. They focus more on testing and writing, but my focus is conversation, so I’m happy to take these lessons.Noriko - Fukuroi
Private English Lesson
Nam is warm and friendly. I am not good at talking, but he puts effort to listen to my not perfect English and tries to understand it. He also asks me the topic I’m interested in and makes me speak more and we always have fun conversations. After I took his lesson, I felt how interesting English is for the first time. Nam has lived in Japan for a long time so he knows Japanese culture well and points out Japanese people’s common mistakes. He also introduced cultural differences between Canada and Japan. I used an English textbook which talked about cultural differences between Japan and western countries and used a foreign drama’s script as study material. He is flexible depending on what you want. One and a half hour lessons finished so fast and every single time I discovered new interesting things. I highly recommend him.Junko - Nagoya
Private English Lesson
I took his lesson for half a year and I’m quite satisfied with his lessons. I’ll point out what was good.

・He is flexible with schedule/location. I took 90 min lessons once a week after I finished my job.
・He has a nice lesson curriculum. He is a kindergarten teacher and he taught me basic good pronunciation and grammar again and again.
・I was happy with the lesson fee too. I’m satisfied with the lesson quality compared with the price. He has a prepaid system (hourly), so you can get a discount depending on your deposit.
・Usually we use English all the time but when you want to make sure about an unclear nuance or expression in Japanese, he can do it since he is fluent in Japanese.
・Depending on the students, the lesson curriculum will be different. In my case, he has many varieties from easy quizzes to grammar and vocabulary learning by using a textbook and I never got bored with his lesson.Takeshi - Nagoya

Toronto Working Holiday
When I first arrived in Toronto, I couldn’t speak actively since I couldn’t understand the English that native speakers spoke. However, I changed to speaking actively after I took Nam’s lesson. I enjoyed learning English not only from textbooks but also through practical English lessons using daily life expressions and native speaker’s natural expressions. My world expanded even more after I left Toronto by using the English I learned from Nam and I made friends from many different countries. I appreciate Nam who made English studying fun!Izumi - Kagoshima

Toronto Working Holiday
I was able to learn something new every time through Nam’s lesson. Absolutely my English skill was improved. Not only that, but I also learned about Canadian history and deep information about Toronto which most international students don’t know.

Nam’s English lesson was very effective for me because he taught me really useful phrases during real conversations with Torontonians.

One more fascinating thing is that he is well connected to his friends. I could make new connections through him and have fulfilling days.Yasuhiro - Kyoto

Toronto Working Holiday
Nam always taught me correct, useful and natural English. I think you can learn English quickly!Honoka - Osaka
Toronto Working Holiday
Nam knows everything about Japanese international students. The first time I met him, I was scared of his knowledge of Japan (this doesn’t mean he is scary… I was just surprised). But he always understood what I wanted to say, then I could learn a mountain of words, phrases and jokes! Every phrase is essential for daily life, and they enhanced my speaking skill. He also knows about Toronto a lot, so it was lucky to meet him right after I came here and get lots of information! I often felt like I was going to meet my friend, not a “teacher”, because I can also tell him something new. He is that friendly and nice.Eri - Saitama
Private English Lesson
I could feel relaxed during the lessons even though I’m a beginner and don’t have basic skills because Nam has a calm personality and is patient.

One-to-one lessons can make a beginner so nervous even just to meet up. I actually tried a one-to-one lesson once in the past but I quit. So at first I was worried but I could enjoy studying English thanks to Nam.

I felt comfortable about making schedules and contacting about lessons since he cares well like Japanese people.

I chose conversation style because I feel nervous using a textbook.

What I do is I make a summary of the lesson in my notebook and the next time he checks my summary.Koko - Tokyo

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