Muna Kids English Circle 11/11 – Report

Elementary Kids Playing "UNO"
Elementary Kids Playing “UNO”

Muna Kids English Circle

We held our fourth Muna Kids English Circle for Autumn 2018 on November 11th. We played the classic card game “Crazy 8s”. In the elementary class we also played “UNO”, another classic kids favourite. In the kindergarten class, we danced and played “Red Light, Green Light”.

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Crazy 8s

In both classes we started with “Crazy 8s”. This is a classic card game which uses some basic rules you may know from “UNO”. Kids and parents both participated well as the kids used their English when playing their cards followed by their parents asking them a question which they then answered. Everybody enjoyed the game and it was a lot of fun!

UNO [Elementary Class]

In the elementary class, we stepped up from “Crazy 8s” to “UNO”. The kids were really excited to play this, and most of them already own the game at home. Everyone already knew the rules, but the challenge was to play the game using English. Everybody was able to do it well and we were really happy to see them having a good time playing the game in English! After finishing “UNO”, we taught them how to play an advanced version of “Crazy 8s” using “UNO” rules. We were surprised to see that the parents were very interested in this since knowing these rules allows anyone to play “UNO” anytime with just regular playing cards!

Crazy 8s - UNO Rules
Crazy 8s – UNO Rules
Red Light, Green Light [Kindergarten Class]

In the kindergarten class, we sang and danced to the song “Red Light, Green Light”. It was a lot of fun to see the kids dance and stop and dance and stop! After that we played the game “Red Light, Green Light” which we played in our Outdoor Games circle in the summer. This game is similar to the Japanese game “Daruma-san ga Koronda”, except it’s more simplified. It was funny to see the kids freeze and try not to get caught on a red light!

Parent Discussion Time [Kindergarten Class]

We talked about the purpose of why we use the same words in similar sentences again and again. Kids can practice the same English in different situations again and again by using it in different games. Repetition is everything about learning English. We hope members enjoyed the game they learned at our circle and use English every day.

Elementary Kids Playing "UNO"
Elementary Kids Playing “UNO”
Kindergarten Kids Playing "Crazy 8s"
Kindergarten Kids Playing “Crazy 8s”
Kindergarten Kids Playing "Red Light, Green Light"
Kindergarten Kids Playing “Red Light, Green Light”

The next Muna Kids English Circle will be held on Saturday, December 1st at Tsukiminosato.

13:30 – 14:30 – Elementary School Kids Lesson
14:45 – 15:45 – Kindergarten Kids Lesson

Please come out and try Muna style English conversation lessons. We’re looking forward to seeing more new members!

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