Muna English School - May 2019

Muna English School

Haruoka, Fukuroi, Shizuoka

We opened up our newly constructed English school in May 2019.

The location is in Haruoka, across the street from Yamanashi Kindergarten, near Yamana Elementary School. It has one classroom and a library with English books for the children to read. We provide different English conversation courses for all ages.

For kids in kindergarten, elementary school and junior high school, we will have a curriculum where kids can improve their 4 language skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing) at a comfortable pace. In addition, we have our own original extracurricular practical courses for the kids, as well as multiple types of unique courses for adults.

3 Unique Points

Native Teacher EVERY Lesson
Get the same experienced native English teacher for every lesson of the year! Canadian teacher Nam has over 10 years of teaching experience and a Cambridge CELTA certificate.1
Hands on Experiences
We incorporate CLIL in our lessons so that students can gain practical communicative skills. Students can grow plants in our outdoor garden and cook together using English!2
Mama Papa Events
We care about parents, too! We will hold morning tea time events for parents with young children and evening social events for parents and adult students to socialize in English.

1 In the event where the native teacher cannot teach (e.g. due to sickness), a bilingual Japanese teacher will substitute for the lesson.
2 Activities are subject to change.


Mommy & Me Lesson
Mommy & Me Course

Mommy & Me Course

We have courses for parents with infants and toddlers. All courses are taught by a native English teacher. Maximum 6 pairs per class with 30 minute lesson times.

Kindergarten Course
Kindergarten Course

Kindergarten Course

We have courses for kids from Kindergarten 1st year to 3rd year. All courses are taught by a native English teacher. Maximum 6 students per class with 40 minute lesson times.

Elementary Course
Elementary Course

Elementary Course

We have courses for kids from Elementary School grades 1 to 6. Classes will be grouped based on age and students’ English ability levels. All courses are taught by a native English teacher. Maximum 6-8 students per class with 50 minute lesson times.

JHS Courses
JHS Courses

Junior High School Courses

For Junior High School students, we have an English conversation course taught by a native English teacher. We also have a grammar course taught by a bilingual Japanese teacher. Maximum 8 students per class with 50 minute lesson times.

Eiken Course
Eiken Preparation Course

Eiken Preparation Course

We have an Eiken exam preparation course for both Elementary and Junior High School students. The course is taught by a bilingual Japanese teacher. Maximum 6 students per class with 50 minute lesson times.

Adult Courses
Adult Courses

Adult Courses

We have a General Conversation course for Senior High School and adult students, as well as a Business English course for adult students. The courses are all taught by a native English teacher. Private lessons and group lessons are available. Maximum capacity and lesson time depends on the lesson type.

Other Courses and Events

We also have other courses and special events such as:

※ Please note that these courses are subject to change.

Why Muna?

Our main weekly classes will be regularly taught by a native English teacher from Canada who has over 10 years of teaching experience. The classes are not only fun but also a great place to learn clear pronunciation from a native English speaker as well as practical communicative English conversation skills.

The location is perfect for those in the northern part of Fukuroi. We are located right across from Yamanashi Kindergarten and are a 2 minute walk from Yamana Elementary School.

🇨🇦 Nam

For parents, you can be satisfied to know that your child is learning from a certified experienced native English teacher every week. They will be getting the highest quality of English education that Fukuroi has to offer. They will be speaking advanced English and singing English songs fluently in no time!

For adults, I’ve taught many international students in Canada as well as students in Japan who have gone overseas. I look forward to helping you with your dreams of going overseas!

🇯🇵 Kumiko

I’ll be supporting students who take our native teacher’s lesson. Please ask me any question from how to help your young kids study at home to questions about our adult study abroad program. As a Japanese person who has studied English overseas, I can teach Eiken and prepare junior high school students for their exams!

Experienced Teacher
Not all native English speakers are great teachers. It takes experience, and Nam has 10+ years of teaching experience of all levels, and a Cambridge CELTA certificate.
Cultural Events
We will hold events such as Halloween, Christmas, and Easter where kids can experience them just as kids in Canada do! Every year the kids will be looking forward to our events!
English Library
We have a library full of over 200 wonderful children’s books in English. Kids can stop by our library anytime to read or borrow books and expand their interest in reading in English.
Make-Up Lessons
We understand that children get sick or there are circumstances when they cannot attend class. We provide make-up lessons for such situations at no extra cost to you!3

3 Terms and conditions apply.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about our school or courses, please feel free to contact us.


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