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One of the main changes to the English education system in 2020, lead by the Ministry of Education, is the change of the system to the University entrance exam. TOEFL and TEAP scores will be used to check not only reading and listening skills (input skills), but also speaking and writing skills (output skills).

The Ministry of Education revealed their English education revolutionary plan which corresponds to globalism. In the plan the goal for JHS (Junior High School) English classes is to teach the classes all in English. The old system where you can get good scores simply by memorizing words and grammar is now changing.

Let’s prepare for the new generation study program by increasing listening skills for understanding lessons and speaking skills for speeches in class!

Native Teacher EVERY Lesson
For the conversation course you can get the same experienced native English teacher for every lesson of the year! Canadian teacher Nam has over 10 years of teaching experience and a Cambridge CELTA certificate.1
Presentation Skills
We use a textbook for our curriculum which focuses on speaking skills. We provide the opportunity for students to perform using their abilities. We help students to build up confidence in speaking in front of people.
Grammar Lesson
For JHS students, we can give them the extra assistance in grammar comprehension they need to stay ahead of their class in school. We will support kids to improve their high scores on their school evaluations.
English Library
The studying way called “Tadoku” has now attracted many people. Our library has over 200 English books of all levels to choose from. Please try reading as many books in English as you can.
Parent Meetings/Observations
We’ll hold individual parent meetings to discuss your kids’ performance and answer any of your questions. Parent observation days allow you to observe how your kids are doing in class.
Make-Up Lessons
We understand that children get sick or there are circumstances when they cannot attend class. We provide make-up lessons for such situations at no extra cost to you!2

1 In the event where the native teacher cannot teach (e.g. due to sickness), a bilingual Japanese teacher will substitute for the lesson.
2 Terms and conditions apply.

Teaching Materials and Goals

To help JHS students, we have 2 courses available.

We have a Conversation Course, led by Canadian teacher Nam, which will focus on speaking and listening where JHS usually does not focus on these skills. By trying to listen to the native teacher and communicate with him, students’ communication ability will improve. With the use of the textbook, we will be focusing on how to build up speech presentation skills and confidence in speaking English. In addition, this course comes with EIKEN interview practice.

We also have a Grammar Course, led by Japanese teacher Kumiko, which will focus on reading and writing using a grammar workbook, Work English, alongside with the current JHS textbook used in public schools. This course also comes with EIKEN writing practice.

Our goal is to help to build confidence in all 4 skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing) for students with what they are learning in school in order for them to appreciate and enjoy using English!

Details & Pricing

JHS Conversation Course
Who Can Join: JHS students
Lesson Time: 50 mins, once per week
Teacher: Native English Teacher
Capacity: 8 students
Course Fee: ¥7,500 (¥8,250 after tax) /month
Teaching Materials & Facility Fee: ¥8,500 (¥9,350 after tax) twice a year
Entrance Fee: ¥5,000 (¥5,500 after tax)*
JHS Conversation & Grammar Course
Who Can Join: JHS students
Lesson Time: 50 mins, twice per week
Teacher: Native English & Japanese Teacher
Capacity: 8 students
Course Fee: ¥11,500 (¥12,650 after tax) /month
Teaching Materials & Facility Fee: ¥9,500 (¥10,450 after tax) twice a year
Entrance Fee: ¥5,000 (¥5,500 after tax)*

*If joining with family, you can qualify for a family discount (free entrance fee and discounts of up to 30% off monthly fees). If joining with friends, each students’ entrance fee is half price. See our Discount Pricing for more details.

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