Full Name Kumiko (Naito) Chuong
Hometown Fukuroi, Shizuoka
Languages Japanese, English
Education Iwata Minami Senior High School
Nagoya University of Foreign Studies – Bachelor’s Degree
Australian Catholic University – English Certificate
NCA Language School – English Certificate
J-SHINE Elementary School English Guidance Certification Council – English Teaching Certificate
Hobbies Music (Piano, Ukulele), Cooking
Favourite Season Summer
Favourite Food Sweets
Favourite Drink Green Tea
Blood Type AB


Kumiko’s Timeline

Where Kumiko Has Lived
Where Kumiko Has Lived



Life in Australia


At the Beach
At the Beach

I studied abroad at the Australian Catholic University in Melbourne, Australia for 10 months from February to November 2006.

You might imagine Melbourne as a hot beach city because it’s in Australia. However Melbourne has many British buildings and you can feel the European atmosphere. There are 4 seasons as well, so you can enjoy many different views each season.

At the University I studied English and about the history of Australia. I also joined a Japanese class and helped students who were studying Japanese. As my peers and I studied English as a second language, Australian students were learning Japanese as a second language. Isn’t that interesting?

During that time, I did a round trip of Australia with only my backpack. One time I slept outside on the street alone and in the early morning I got sick. Even though many challenging things happened, I had a wonderful experience such as being able to see gorgeous natural views and I made amazing cool friends from all over the world.



Life in Toronto


Pride Parade Police
Pride Parade Police

I lived in Toronto, Canada for 1 year from April 2013 to March 2014.

Toronto is a city of immigrants. Everyday I heard different languages all over the city other than English. In Toronto everyone accepts any religion. They respect each other’s different cultures and there’s no racial discrimination or any racial gaps. Toronto also has 4 seasons. In the winter it’s cold, but in the summer it’s hot.

The most impressive thing I experienced was the Pride Parade. The parade originally started for gay pride, but now it’s for all kinds of pride. The parade is held in many cities, but I heard the one in Toronto is the biggest in the world. Not only local citizens or sponsor companies take part in it, but also cops drive police cars and firetrucks and ambulances had rainbow flags in the parade. Everyone celebrates their own pride, whether it’s being gay, showing their religion, race, or anything else. What a wonderful world it is here, don’t you think so?

In Canada I worked as a counsellor for an internship agency. My job was mainly introducing Japanese and Korean international students to companies that hire interns or helping them choose language schools. I also worked as a waitress in a Japanese ramen restaurant. In Toronto, sushi was always popular but ramen is also very popular now.

Through my overseas working experience, not only did I improve my English skills, but I also got to experience how interesting and challenging it is to work with others who have different cultures and customs.



English Teacher


Mommy & Me Lesson
Mommy & Me Lesson

English is a language. Just knowing grammar or vocabulary isn’t enough if you can’t communicate well. Simply having high test scores don’t necessarily make a person a good teacher. They need to have good communication skills and experience with kids as well.

I have a TOEIC score of more than 860 in addition to communication skills through various overseas experiences. I also continue to use English on a daily basis at home. I am highly trained in child education. I had experience as a case worker for child welfare and I have a J-SHINE license. I am also a mother with a young child.

I will provide fun and effective lessons for your kids to learn English. If you’re considering to have your kids start English lessons, please try my lesson!