Elementary Course
We continue to take the lessons since they always provide interesting lessons to not get bored and motivate us up.Kyoko

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Elementary Course

I graduated from the University of Toronto in Canada and then worked as a programmer. After that I came to Japan and gained experience as an English teacher for more than 10 years. I have thorough knowledge of teaching English and computer programming, both of which will be key for education in Japan. Come experience my lessons and prepare yourself for the 21st century!
Native Teacher EVERY Lesson
Get the same experienced native English teacher for every lesson of the year! Canadian teacher Nam has over 10 years of teaching experience and a Cambridge CELTA certificate.1
Hands on Experience
We incorporate CLIL in our lessons so that students can gain practical communicative skills. Students can grow plants in our outdoor garden and cook together using English!2
Cultural Events
We will hold events such as Halloween, Christmas, and Easter where kids can experience them just as kids in Canada do! Every year the kids will be looking forward to our events!
English Library
We have a library full of wonderful children’s books in English. Kids can stop by our library anytime to read or borrow books and expand their interest in reading in English.
Make-Up Lessons
We understand that children get sick or there are circumstances when they cannot attend class. We provide make-up lessons for such situations at no extra cost to you!3
Parent Meetings/Observations
We’ll hold individual parent meetings to discuss your kids’ performance and answer any of your questions. Parent observation days allow you to observe how your kids are doing in class.
Mama Papa Events
We care about parents, too! We will hold evening social events for parents to socialize in English. Let’s enjoy using English together! These will be held independently from the Elementary Course.

1 In the event where the native teacher cannot teach (e.g. due to sickness), a bilingual Japanese teacher will substitute for the lesson.
2 Activities are subject to change.
3 Terms and conditions apply.

Teaching Materials and Goals

We will use the Everybody Up (2nd Edition) series and the Oxford Phonics World series from Oxford University Press. You can click each textbook link to read more about the goals of each level and what your child can learn.

Level*TextbookPhonics Textbook
Beginner: Eiken 5Everybody Up StarterOxford Phonics World 1
Beginner: Eiken 4Everybody Up 1Oxford Phonics World 2
Elementary: Eiken 3Everybody Up 2Oxford Phonics World 3
Elementary: Eiken Pre-2Everybody Up 3Oxford Phonics World 4
Pre-Intermediate: Eiken Pre-2Everybody Up 4Oxford Phonics World 5
Pre-Intermediate: Eiken 2Everybody Up 5
Intermediate: Eiken 2Everybody Up 6

*Please note that these are not Eiken preparation textbooks. Levels are references to textbook difficulty level, not Eiken test preparation level.
Everybody Up and Oxford Phonics World PDFs are ©Copyright Oxford University Press.

Details & Pricing

Course Details
Who Can Join: Elementary grades 1-6 students
Lesson Time: 50 mins, once per week
Teacher: Native English Teacher
Capacity: 6 students

Classes decided based on each students’ level.
Age gap no more than 2 years.
Course Fee: ¥7,500 (¥8,250 after tax) /month
Teaching Materials & Facility Fee: ¥8,500 (¥9,350 after tax) twice a year
Entrance Fee: ¥5,000 (¥5,500 after tax)*

*If joining with family, you can qualify for a family discount (free entrance fee and discounts of up to 30% off monthly fees). If joining with friends, each students’ entrance fee is half price. See our Discount Pricing for more details.

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