Easter Special Lesson – Muna Baby/Toddler English Circle

Easter Costume
Easter Costume

Finally winter will be over and it will be a good season to go out. Why don’t you come to our Muna Baby/Toddler English Circle?

We’ll have an Easter special lesson!

Please join us in costume and enjoy Easter and English♪

Lesson Program

We’ll have the same activities as our normal lesson. (You can check how the circle is from our blog.)
We’ll have Easter themed activities, so please join us in costume!

🐣 Lesson Time

English songs, reading time and finger play with Easter theme.

🐣 Free Time

Kids have snacks and play freely. Let’s take pictures since we’ll have many cute kids in costumes!

🐣 Special Guest

We’ll have Canadian teacher Nam Chuong as a special guest♪

Lesson Details

Date Wednesday, March 28, 2018
Time 10:40~11:40
※30min lesson time / 30min free time
Location Tsukiminosato Children’s Room
Fee ¥500 per child
(Paid at door)
Who Can Join Maternity mothers to pre-school toddlers
※New kindergartners from April 2018 can join the Easter Party for Muna Kids English Circle.
※Older siblings can join this lesson but will be charged.
Capacity 20 pairs
What to Bring Snacks and drinks (optional)
Toys (optional; there are a limited number of toys available)
Costume Please wear a costume.
Any costume is ok such as some character costume. Popular Easter costumes are bunny or egg themed ones. Pastel coloured dresses or clothes are also nice for Easter.
※A costume is not mandatory so if you prefer normal clothes, that’s ok too.

Contact Us

Please become a member (membership is free) to join the circle. Register via our membership application form. Then please contact us to sign up for the circle.

Contact us via email or our contact form to sign up. Also please share our Facebook event page!

About Muna Baby/Toddler English Circle

Our mission under this program is to increase the number of mothers and kids who become familiar with English and enjoy English. Kids will get used to English and like English by seeing mothers singing English songs and enjoying English. Please use English songs at home too!

During the lesson time, we’ll sing songs, read books, and do finger play in English. You can use the free time before and after the lesson to chat with other mothers and let your kids play. We make the free time valuable by using English in practical situations while the kids have snacks or play freely.

Easter Costume
Easter Costume

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