Easter Party 2019 – Report

We held our second annual Easter Party at Tsukiminosato on April 7th. This year we had so many activities again in our cutely decorated classroom. Both kids and parents had a fun time!

🐣 Highlight Video

We put together this video which highlights what we did at the Easter parties!

🐰 Easter Lesson

At first the kids practiced words for an Easter song while moving their bodies. The song was quite simple but fun because they were moving their bodies♪ It was a nice warm up.

🐣 Egg Dying

After singing the song, the kids learned about colours and which primary colours to mix to make the secondary colours. Many kids raised their hands to answer the questions about how to make secondary colours. Some of them answered very well in front of everybody. We were so proud of them!

We dyed real hard boiled eggs with food colouring. The kids learned how to mix colours from Nam in English. After that the kids and their parents made their original colours like orange, green, or purple by using red, yellow, and blue dye while using English. The kids’ and parents’ interest increased a lot by seeing the change of mixed colours in their clear cups and the result of their eggs changing colour. We dyed the eggs not only once, but twice to get a marble effect.

This year once again, our Muna English science lesson which is a hands-on-experience with English was a success!

Egg Dying
Egg Dying

🐣 Egg Hunt

The kids were challenged to take on a scavenger hunt to find 6 different kinds of Easter eggs hidden all around the classroom. We hid a total of 288 eggs! (It was hard work to hide all of them…) It was very cute and exciting to see the kids with colourful baskets going around to find Easter eggs. The fast finishers enjoyed colouring the eggs they found in their workbooks. Kids who hadn’t finish until the end tried to find the few leftover eggs. Finding the last hidden eggs were so hard, however the kids never gave up and put a lot of effort to find the last eggs. Super Good Job!!!

We believe the kids could enjoy the foreign chocolates and candies hidden in the eggs, as well as the dinosaur toy eggs and our Easter workbooks.

Egg Hunt
Egg Hunt

🐣 Egg Counting

The kids guessed how many jelly beans and eggs were in a jar and wrote their numbers on small papers. For our final activity we opened up the jar and counted the jelly beans and eggs together in English. Everybody was so serious to get the prize! As the count kept going up, we could hear some sighs from the kids… No one guessed the exact number, but in the afternoon lesson there were 3 kids who guessed the same closest number!! In the end we decided on the winner by rock-scissors-paper. The winner got the whole big jar as a prize!

Egg Counting Jars
Egg Counting Jars

Once again, thanks to the help of the parents, we were able to give the kids a wonderful experience for their Easter memory. Thank you very much for coming to our party!

In 2019 we will still continue our Muna Kids English Circle. Please look forward to our upcoming report on our Muna English School which will have its grand opening in May 2019☆

Have a Happy Easter! 

Happy Easter!
Happy Easter!

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