Muna Kids English Circle 3/17 – Report

Elementary Kids voting on a game to play
Elementary Kids voting on a game to play

Muna Kids English Circle

We held our final Muna Kids English Circle for Winter 2019 on March 17th. This time we let the Elementary Class vote on which games they wanted to play. In the Elementary Class we played “SET” and “UNO”. In the Kindergarten Class we played “Animal Spot It”.

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SET [Elementary Class]

We were surprised to see that most of the kids voted to play SET! SET is a pattern recognition game and can be quite challenging even for adults to play. However with the kids, they were able to do it very quickly! Not only could they play the game well, they were also able to produce the English well to play the game since they had played it in our circle before!

UNO [Elementary Class]

Every kid loves UNO! So it was natural that this game was also voted on. Since the kids have also played this game in English before, they were able to play it well using the language they had learned in the past. It was a very fun experience!

Animal Spot It [Kindergarten Class]

We played a simplified version of “Spot It” in the Kindergarten Class. We used custom cards that Nam created to practice animal names. The kids learned the rules quickly and were very fast at spotting the same animals on the different cards. Later we took all of the cards and scattered them around the room. Kids had to listen to Nam and find certain animals and bring the cards back to their parents. This game got the kids moving around the room while practicing their listening and recognition skills. The kids had a lot of fun hunting for the animals!

The next Muna Kids English Circle will be held on Sunday, April 21st at Tsukiminosato.

  • 9:30 – 10:30 – Elementary School Kids Lesson
  • 10:45 – 11:45 – Kindergarten Kids Lesson

Please come out and try Muna style English conversation lessons. We’re looking forward to seeing more new members!

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