Halloween Party 2018 – Report

We held our second Halloween Party on October 28th at Tsukiminosato. This year’s event was much bigger than last year’s! We had 2 parties filled with 20 kids in each party, and a lot more pumpkins to be carved into Jack-o-Lanterns! It was a very lively event with so many kids wearing cute costumes! We’re so happy to see Muna grow as much as it has in just 1 year!

🎃 Highlight Video

We put together this video which highlights what we did at the Halloween parties!

Muna Halloween Party 2018 Highlight Video

🎃 Carving Jack-o-Lanterns

This year we carved 4 Jack-o-Lanterns in each group. It was a real experience for the kids to really get to use their senses and feel how a pumpkin feels inside and smell what a real pumpkin smells like. We believe this experience will stay in the children’s memories forever. We got 4 parents in each group to volunteer to carve the Jack-o-Lantern faces using knives while the kids watched. To the parents who helped carve the pumpkins, “Thank you for your hard work! Super Good Job!!”

Carving Jack-o-Lanterns
Carving Jack-o-Lanterns

🎃 Halloween Lesson

The kids practiced common Halloween words based on a Halloween song. Halloween is getting popular here in Japan and we felt there were many kids who already knew many of these Halloween words. We were able to enjoy the song in the video together. We also learned about what trick-or-treating is really like overseas and watched a video about trick-or-treating in America.

Who Took The Candy? | Halloween Song | Super Simple Songs

🎃 Trick-or-Treating

This year once again, thanks to the help of the staff at Tsukiminosato and Mizutama Pool, we had a trick-or-treat stamp rally. Kids walked around Tsukiminosato and received snacks at various stations while stamping their stamp cards. Seeing the children’s smiles made us satisfied!


🎃 Halloween Bingo

The winners for Bingo won the Jack-o-Lanterns that we made as prizes. 4 kids from each party got to bring the Jack-o-Lanterns home with them. Night time is especially nice to see Jack-o-Lanterns. We hope everyone who brought them home enjoyed displaying the Jack-o-Lanterns in the dark!

Halloween Bingo
Halloween Bingo

Once again, thanks to the help of the parents as well as the staff at Tsukiminosato and Mizutama Pool, we were able to run this event smoothly. Also special thanks to Nam’s friend, Sarah, who volunteered her time to help us! Thank you very much everyone for coming to our party!

Muna Kids English Circle has grown so much over this past year, and we will continue to work hard to make it enjoyable for everyone!

🎃 Happy Halloween! 🦇

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