Muna Kids English Circle 4/29 – Report

Kindergarten Kids Playing "Old Maid"
Kindergarten Kids Playing “Old Maid”

Muna Kids English Circle

We held our second Muna Kids English Circle of Spring 2018 just as Golden Week was starting. We were glad to see many regular members come out as well as a few new members who joined!

Old Maid

“Old Maid” is a game that most elementary school kids already know. We were surprised to hear that it was the first time for many of the kindergarten kids to learn it! The game is usually played in silence, however we added our Muna twist to it where students were required to use English with each other and their parents. For the elementary class, we added an additional challenge where kids had to use math to make “10” instead of pairs. They also had to answer math questions in English. It became a very fun and educational lesson for everybody! We hope that the kids and parents continue to play it at home!

London Bridge

We played and danced to “London Bridge”. The kids learned quickly how to avoid being caught in the bridge, and it made the game more fun for the parents to try harder to catch the kids. In the kindergarten class, the kids kept telling us, “Again!” after the music had stopped. They really enjoyed the dance/game! We continued to play it right into parent discussion time.

Slap Jack

For the elementary class, we played a new game called “Slap Jack” during parent discussion time. It’s a really simple game that can be enjoyed from the age of 3. The kids got really excited when a Jack showed up and all the kids had to slap it! They continued to play it even after parent discussion time had finished.

Parent Discussion Time

Today we got a great comment from a parent. She is a mother of an elementary grade 1 boy. She said that her son loves the card games he learns from this circle. They can play the games easily with cards, so they often enjoy the games in English at home. He also really enjoyed today’s math version of Old Maid and they’ll play the game at home from today. We are super happy to hear that! The important thing to gain English is learning with fun and continuously. They are doing exactly this. Wouldn’t it be amazing if kids gather together and play games in English after school–not only playing at home with parents–after the number of kids at Muna increases? To make that dream come true, we’ll do our best and continue our circle!

Elementary Kids Playing "Old Maid"
Elementary Kids Playing “Old Maid”
Kindergarten Kids Playing "Old Maid"
Kindergarten Kids Playing “Old Maid”
Kindergarten Kids Dancing "London Bridge"
Kindergarten Kids Dancing “London Bridge”

Elementary kids playing “Old Maid”

Kindergarten kids playing “Old Maid”

Kindergarten kids dancing “London Bridge”

The next Muna Kids English Circle will be held on Sunday, May 13th at Tsukiminosato.

9:30 – 10:30 – Elementary School Kids Lesson
10:45 – 11:45 – Kindergarten Kids Lesson

Please come out and try Muna style English conversation lessons. We’re looking forward to seeing more new members!

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