Muna Kids English Circle 7/22 – Report

Kindergarten Kids Playing "Crocodile Game"
Kindergarten Kids Playing “Crocodile Game”

Muna Kids English Circle

We held our second outdoor Muna Kids English Circle for Summer 2018 on July 22nd. It was extremely hot outside, so we held half of the lesson indoors (with air conditioning) and half outdoors.

Shark Attack

Our first indoor game was “Shark Attack”. The kids ran around the room while the shark (Nam) was sleeping. When the shark woke up, all of the kids had to make it safely to an island. The kids were so fast at making it to their islands that Nam had a hard time actually trying to catch them!

Hot & Cold

The next game was a classic children’s game called “Hot & Cold”. The parents hid capsules around the room and had their kids try to find them by guiding them using verbal cues. After the kids found their capsules, they switched and hid their capsules, guiding their parents to find them. Some of the kids (and parents) hid the capsules in some very interesting places! Everybody had fun trying to find the capsules!

What’s the Time Mr. Wolf?

For the second half, we went outside to play. Our first outdoor game was “What’s the Time Mr. Wolf?” This game is also similar to the Japanese game “Daruma-san ga Koronda”, except without the “Red Light, Green Light” aspect of it. The kids walked closer and closer to the wolf (Nam) before the wolf would turn around and chase them. While the kids were enjoying the game, they could speak English in loud voices.

Crocodile Game

For our last outdoor game we played the “Crocodile Game”. For this game we got the parents to make a river of crocodiles that the kids had to cross without getting caught. The kids really enjoyed running back and forth across the river, trying to avoid getting caught by the crocodile parents! Thank you parents for helping us!

Kindergarten Kids Playing "Shark Attack"
Kindergarten Kids Playing “Shark Attack”
Kindergarten Kids Playing "Hot & Cold"
Kindergarten Kids Playing “Hot & Cold”
Elementary Kids Playing "What's the Time Mr. Wolf?"
Elementary Kids Playing “What’s the Time Mr. Wolf?”

Muna Kids English Circle – Outdoor Games Part 2

The next Muna Kids English Circle will return for Autumn 2018 on Sunday, September 9th at Tsukiminosato.

9:30 – 10:30 – Elementary School Kids Lesson
10:45 – 11:45 – Kindergarten Kids Lesson

Please come out and try Muna style English conversation lessons. We’re looking forward to seeing more new members!

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